• Does Dr. Dupée accept insurance?

Dr. Dupée is not an insurance provider and therefore does not accept any insurance plans.

Will my health insurance plan reimburse me for treatment?

Most PPO plans reimburse for out of network providers.  It is best to check with your insurance company regarding their reimbursement policies.  The most common codes are 90792 +99214 (initial diagnostic evaluation) and 99214 (medication management).

• How does payment work?

Payment is due at time of service.  Dr. Dupée’s office has credit card facilities.

• Does Dr. Dupée see adults in her private practice?

Yes, Dr. Dupée accepts adult patients in her private practice.  She does not specialize in geriatric psychiatry.


• Does Dr. Dupée evaluate a child in divorce without the consent of the other parent?

No, Dr. Dupée will only evaluate a child with the consent of both parents in the case of divorce.  The only exception is if there is a court order or stipulation.

• Does Dr. Dupée perform financial mediation?

No, Dr. Dupée does not perform financial mediation.

• Does Dr. Dupée give advice or prescribe medications without an initial diagnostic evaluation?


• Does Dr. Dupée discuss potential legal cases with litigants?

No, Dr. Dupée might be disqualified as an evaluator if she has any substantial unilateral conversations with potential litigants.

• Does Dr. Dupée accept payment plans for legal cases?

Payment is due in full for all legal cases.  Evaluations, deposition or court appearances will only be confirmed with payment no less than five business days prior.